Ronald McDonald House

ronald mcdonald house

Our Day at the Ronald McDonald House

If you haven’t heard of the Meals That Mend Program at the Ronald Mcdonald House, you are seriously missing out!

The Meals that Mend Program in Edmonton allows volunteers to prepare a meal for guests. HIBCO was fortunate enough to get the team together and cook up a beautiful brunch for some extraordinary people.

After arriving, we were greeted by the fabulous staff that work around the clock. We felt overwhelmed, but the staff helped us get everything sorted out.

The Ronald McDonald House kitchens are seriously impressive. Loaded with every piece of equipment you can imagine. It wasn’t long before work mode kicked in and we quickly assigned ourselves roles in the kitchen to increase efficiency. We had a pancake flipper, two potato peelers, fruit slicers, bacon monitors and of course someone on omelette duty. Once realizing how well we worked as a team, the anxiety subsided and we were having a really good time!

Food was flying out of the kitchen, families starting serving themselves to our buffet and things were running extremely smoothly. Besides our impeccable team work and positive energy, the best moment of the entire experience is when a grandfather approached us in the kitchen.  He had been a resident of the house for the past few weeks, and explained that his grand daughter was very sick. He boasted his extreme gratitude toward us, and the appreciation we received from everyone in the house was humbling and overwhelming to say the least.

Hands down we all agreed that the Meals that Mend Program in Edmonton was one of the most memorable experiences we encountered.  Anyone interested in getting involved will not be disappointed by the services the Ronald McDonald House offers.  Book your Meal Today! 

Meals that Mend Program in Edmonton